Racket Stringing

Professional Tennis Racket Stringing Services in Downtown Denver

Our team of racket stringing professionals are the best at quick turnaround times for your racket. At affordable prices and a 72 hour guarantee, our tennis racket stringing services can get you back on court in no time. For every type of tennis racket stringing preference. From power to control and from playability to durability, we can customize the best stringing package for you.

Stringing"Player" Package $45.00 Our top performance package will use our highest end string (ask for more specific product information) to give you the best feel and playability you can find!
Stringing"Durable" Package $40.00 We'll us a sythetic gut string (ask for more specific product information) for you to get the longest lasting string performance for your play.
Stringing'"Just String It" Package $35.00 Basic string used for both 'Main' and 'Cross' strings. Cheapest entry level option to get back out on court!
Stringing"My String, You String It" Package $25.00 You provide the string, we string it to your desired tension. Easy as that!
Re-Grip"Up and Over" Setup $5.00 We provide and re-tape the overgrip to rebuild your grip to your desired liking!
DeliveryPickup/Delivery $10.00 We will arrange to pick it up, string it, and drop it off at a location convenienent for you! *must be within coverage area shown below*

To contact us about racquet stringing, email us at lohitennis@gmail.com, or (203) 858-5094

Pick up and Delivery within 3 days

 Tension Matrix Guide

String Tension Power Control Durability Comfort Feel
Higher Less More Less Less Less
Lower More Less More More More

String Gauge Matrix Guide

String Guage Spin Elasticity Durability Comfort Feel
Thicker (15-16L) Less Less More Less Less
Thinner (17-18) More More Less More More