Love of the Game

We don’t just learn how to play tennis, we learn to love tennis. LoHi Tennis in Denver is all about fast-paced fun, so while we’re sure to give you instruction on strokes and develop your technique, our groups are really about getting in shape, playing “live ball” with your peers, and having a lot of fun. We do everything to make sure you leave feeling like you got a workout (even if you may have gotten hit by a Peggy or Alyson high volley :). So come check out why we have people that are going on their 5th year playing with LoHi Tennis in the lower highlands of Denver! 


LoHi Tennis Denver isn’t just a place to learn how to play tennis. It’s a thriving community of people that love to get out and be active that started in the lower highlands of Denver, Colorado. More than a tennis program, it’s a tight-knit group of people that love tennis, but also love being active and meeting new people. Our program has been a great place for new people to the lower highlands to meet and make new tennis friends, as well as connect through our variety of programs such as weekend themed tennis socials. Come join our community, meet new people, have fun, and learn how to play tennis while doing it. You’ll feel a sense of belonging to a fun and easy-going group of people.


LoHi Tennis has been a strong advocate of community tennis since its foundation in 2013. Graham Hill, a longtime tennis coach and amateur 5.5 player, believed in sharing his love of the game and founded the first location in the Lower Highlands, CO to teach fellow friends and neighbors. What grew from that was a great excitement from the community and a tremendous tennis culture that provided players of all abilities to meet new friends, stay physically active, and find another great reason to be outside. COME OUT AND JOIN US!