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    Replacement Grip ($10)Overgrip ($5)Dampener ($2)Pickup & Delivery ($10)

    Terms & Conditions:

    • LoHi Tennis will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to the racquet in the restringing process. Clients leave their racquets at their own risk.

    • We do not re-string rackets with significant signs of damage to the frame or rackets we believe to be fake as they are likely to break under the pressure of new strings.

    • If you choose to bring your own string, LoHi Tennis will not be responsible or liable if the strings break.

    • There is no warranty on our restring service.

    • If you request your racket to be restrung outside of the tension range recommended by the manufacturer, LoHi Tennis will not be responsible or liable for any damage caused to the racket by restringing.

    • All rackets are inspected before being accepted. LoHi Tennis reserves the right to reject any racket, at any time. If payment has been taken before the racket is rejected, you will be given a refund.

    • Payment will be expected in full prior to the release of racquets and other such items supplied by LoHi Tennis

    • Payment must be made prior to the time indicated on the website for delivery and be available for pickup at the time of delivery. The racquet will not be released until payment has been made.

    • If there is a perceived problem with regards to the timing of payment then notification must be given to LoHi Tennis by phone or email. See address below.

    • LoHi Tennis offers a collection service in good faith; however the business and its agents will not be responsible for any delays in the picking up of racquets and other such items. Likewise, the same can be said for the delivery of racquets back to the collection points by the times indicated on the website. Where possible and feasible, notice will be given to the relevant interested parties.

    • LoHi Tennis will only perform a full restring. We do not repair single broken strings and such like.

    • Out of Stock: We try to keep everything in stock, but occasionally certain items described on the website may be unavailable / out of stock. In these instances LoHi Tennis will endeavor to contact you using the contact information you have provided us with and offer a suitable alternative or advise you of a possible delay.

    • Refunds: If you are unhappy with your purchase you can reach out directly to LoHi Tennis within 30 days for a full refund, credit or exchange.