LoHi Tennis currently honors payment either by check, made out to “LoHi Tennis LLC”, online by Credit Card/PayPal, or in person with cash or credit card. We will keep track of your attendance using our online Points system so no need to track any of your multi-class purchases. Punch packs bought in 2020 are valid until end of the season.

Purchase individual classes on the specific class event

Single SessionPriceInformation
2.0 (Beginner)$201 Hour
2.5 (Advanced Beginner)$251.5 Hours
3.0 (Intermediate)$251.5 Hours
3.5 (Advanced Intermediate)$251.5 Hours
4.0 (Advanced)$251.5 Hours

Private Lesson$601-Hour
Semi-Private Lesson$701-Hour (2 People)

Stringing'Player' Package $45.00 Our top performance package will use our highest end string (ask for more specific product information) to give you the best feel and playability you can find!
Stringing'Durable' Package $40.00 We'll us a sythetic gut string (ask for more specific product information) for you to get the longest lasting string performance for your play.
Stringing'Just String It' Package $35.00 Basic string used for both 'Main' and 'Cross' strings. Cheapest entry level option to get back out on court!
Stringing'My String, You String It' Package $30.00 You provide the string, we string it to your desired tension. Easy as that!
Re-Grip'Overgrip' Package $5.00 We provide and re-tape the overgrip to rebuild your grip to your desired liking!
DeliveryPickup/Delivery $10.00 We will arrange to pick it up, string it, and drop it off at a location convenient for you!

Save money by buying points! Use points to buy classes, lessons, court time, or string your racket.

*Points may only be purchased and accrued by registered members.

** 1 Point = $1

Please login to purchase points($100 value)$95Save $5!
Please login to purchase points($180 value)$165Save $15!
Please login to purchase points($250 value)$225Save $25!
Once you purchase your points, we'll take care of redeeming them after you schedule your lessons via email. You can track your points on your account page.

*No refunds available of any kind once class is missed*

**No vouchers available for No Call-No Show**