Welcome to Stratford Lakes Tennis!

Welcome to Stratford Lakes – LoHi Tennis’ new location – in Westminster, Colorado. We’re excited to bring our popular tennis program to the Stratford Lakes HOA, and to be teaching on 4 brand news tennis courts right next to Stratford Lake and the community swimming pool. Below you’ll find all the information you need for tennis programming at this location.

The calendar shows all current classes we have running at Stratford Lakes (with more to come). Use the register link to ask questions are express your interest in joining one of the classes. The Payment link will take you to where you can pay for attendance with a credit card. You can also bring a check to the first day of class made out “LoHi Tennis LLC”.


  • All tennis classes operate on either punchcard or drop-in. A punchcard is issued to you and updated based on your attendance to each class.
  • When you indicate you will be attending a class within 24 hours of the class, you will be charged a punch regardless of whether you attend the class or not.
  • Weather is a constant issue. The classes will be updated up to 30 minutes prior to class starting by both email and Twitter. Twitter updates can be seen on the mainpage of LoHi Tennis
  • Summer is hot! Please ensure you always have sunscreen, a towel, and plenty of water. We will not provide these items on court.